Wednesday, November 13, 2013

6 months later...

What HAPPENED summer and fall?!!   Here has been our life since the Happiest Place on Earth:

Celebrating Lani's Birthday


TINY frog find on Father's Day


Hanging and hiking with the Dads on their day
One of the many days we spent at the Fountains:

 4th of July at the beach with Family & Friends:
Poor Cousin Lief putting up with his cousins.  The ADORE him

Still loves her Minnie

Berry Picking with Gigi
Golf Buddies!
Just relaxing on a nice summer day.
Happiness at "Robins' House"
Reagan siting and winning our sweetheart her beloved pony at the Fair!
Hops game with Makena and the Petricks :)
 Our Californian Cousins came to visit and we soaked up every second we could with sweet Luke & Brinn:
At the Zoo with Gigi & Popi
Hippos & Snocones
Oaks Park Fun
Heading to Pirate Park

These two had the FUNNIEST conversations swinging it.
Couples date night at the Hops!
Soaking up our last days with one of our favorite people:  Kelly (and her new pup!).  She left us for Montana... a man... and family.  But we miss her.  Probably me the most.
Happy days from this summer.  Carter is holding "our pet Lizardy" 
Love this story.  I was sitting with Carter and he started chasing a butterfly... He then says matter of factly: "Mom. I am going to train that butterfly." 10minutes later he comes to find me. The butterfly on his finger.  amazing.  He has inspirations of being a zookeeper.  He just might.
First day taking the bus to school (Carter left/Tyler right)

First time on a team sport.  Soccer Buddies. (Tyler left/Carter right)

My team at The Mack held in memory of Travis' dad at Quail Valley
Travis and his team.
Long awaited Date Night at the Zac Brown Band.
Pumpkin hunting.
And of course Halloween with Yoda, Princess Leia, and Luke Skywalker.


Thursday, June 13, 2013


It truly is the happiest place on earth.  Our trip was amazing....
Carter and I on the shuttle to go the park for the first time- SO EXCITED!!!
First picture in the park
Annamarie went straight for the castle

SO AWESOME!  First character sighting.  Tyler was BESIDE himself... jumped up and down all night over it.

First princess Anna met... awww Belle.
Cinderella was the BEST.  Anna was SO excited to meet her and the boys hid from her - wanting nothing to do with "princesses"... After Anna got her time her, Cinderella spotted the boys hiding... I don't know how she did it bit she pulled them in and taught them how to each be a prince.  Too cute.  They quickly became the charmers to the other "princesses" after that. (Carter left/Tyler right)

Other character love (click on pics to make bigger):
Tyler red/Carter blue
Tyler copying Donald :)

Anna copied me- she loved all the characters and since she couldn't go on most rides she met many! 

And not to forget the rides.  The boys were fearless.  I am so thankful for Aunt Rhonda for coming. I don't think we could have done it without her- the kids loved having her there and it made so many of these memories possible. (again just click to make big)
 Annamarie became "Minnie Crazy"- Rhonda bought her a skirt twirling Minnie and the boys gave her "Baby Minnie" for her birthday.  She took them everywhere.
Some other favorites were Fantasmic... Mickey's Magic Water Show at night- Tyler constantly talks about wanting to go back and see it.  And Annamarie LOVED the parade of characters.  She sat the entire time saying "Hi ___!!!"  to whoever came by.  A constant smile on her face and when they would wave to her she would shriek "She likes me!"
Her precious wave.
The trip ended with a cherry on top I have to say.  We had one hour left at the park and decided to go to the Jedi Training Show... well the boys got picked as volunteers and got "trained"... then smoke appeared and out of the ground appeared Darth Vader to fight them.  Oh My Goodness.  COOLEST thing ever.  All of our mouths dropped... but they were so brave.   Ask the boys- they will share the story anytime.... and multiple times.
Getting instructions... and boy did they listen.  I need to turn everyday into Jedi Training.  Wait... that is brilliant.  Don't put it past me!
Carter stepped up to fight Darth... so fearless Mace Windu introduced him saying-
 "I see you are using the smile technique"... got a good laugh from everyone.
Tyler- what form!
Annamarie was very worried.
Other Happy Memories:

And on the the plane home:
Dreaming of her return trip.